Our web services:

We provide high quality web service with up to date products. Our product line are created with your business goals in mind.:

Our business solutions:

We create business solutions that makes you online task simpler and more efficient:

Our starter packages:

We understand that every business has to start somewhere and creating a strong internet presence can be mind boggling and expensive which is why have designed professional yet cost effective packages for newly up-starts.:

Our membership club:

Our members are kept up to date with the latests trends and have the option to add the newest elements to their sites at a fraction of the cost of having a designer build a new website. Basically you have your own on-call design team:) Pretty cool huh..



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Design specialist, Illustrator, artist, ...ninja



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Programmer, video editor, ...speed reader



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Customer intake, corporate relations, consultant, ...great cook

Company history

Heroes Of Web Design was started out of one mans need to have a website designed with an out of the box look. Due to a lack of creative developers this individual decided to search for a group of individuals who not only thought out of the box, but was dedicated to creating designs that would hold a customers attention, merely from the look of the design. Our lowly hero came across one designer and one awesome customer service rep and H.O.W. was born.

2008 - Award for best website
2009 - Award for best website
2010 - Award for best flash animation
2011 - Award for best creative print design